Duty free vehicles sales

Duty free vehicles sales

We cater for customers with duty free privilege such as NGO, Embassies, Diplomats, AU and UN organization and their staffs, tour operators, manufacturing and agricultural investments, etc.

Our sister company in Djibouti, Red Sea Automotive (RSA) holds a large stock of Toyota assorted vehicles in Djibouti free zone to meet your requirement and choice of model, specification and color with fast delivery up to Addis Ababa.
Please contact us with the email or telephone provided or visit our showroom any time during working hours for your duty free cars need and duty free cars for sale in Ethiopia.

Genuine vs Non-Genuine parts

What is Genuine Parts?

‘Genuine Parts’ refers to those parts that have passed a severe quality inspection by the manufacturers of vehicle.

What are Counterfeit parts?

Counterfeit (non genuine) parts are products that use a trademark or copy a design illegally. They are products that, when sold, defraud the customer.

Why counterfeit parts are dangerous?

Most people are attracted to counterfeit parts because of low price, but in reality, in the long run, they pay more. By using counterfeit parts your safety is at high risk due to the low quality of these parts. Counterfeit parts are made with low-quality material and technology to reduce the cost that they cannot attain the high level of quality required to ensure safety.

In addition, the life of the vehicle will be drastically shortened due to the usage of counterfeit parts. Counterfeit parts not only fail but could be a reason for other components of the vehicle to fail or damage within a short time.
Therefore, fix Toyota Genuine Parts on your vehicle and concentrate on your other businesses, while fake parts fail quickly and need replacement from time to time.

Necessary Information to Buy Parts

Necessary Information to Buy Parts

To enable us identify/supply the correct part for your vehicle, the Model and Frame of the Vehicle are required. This data can be found on the VIN Plate (Vehicle Identification Number Plate) shown below.

Sales Enquiry

Sales Enquiry

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    Parts Requisition

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      About Vehicle Parts

      About Vehicle Parts

      The secret behind our customers’ longer vehicle life is nothing but the strength of our After Sales Service where we deliver the right quality of parts at the right time and the right place. We supply genuine parts for trouble free performance, long life and safe environment. We always maintain an optimum level of parts stock, ensuring continuous supply based on customer demand. A fully automated sales, stock control and electronic parts catalogue system has enabled us to achieve a very high availability of parts resulting in remarkable customer satisfaction. We are continuously improving our services to our customers using the concept of “kaizen” which is a Japanese term for continuous improvement. We apply kaizen at every step in the parts logistics activity (inventory control, warehousing, parts marketing, parts sales, etc.). This emanates from our belief that satisfying our customers is no longer enough. We put every effort to delight our customers. Seeing smile on the faces of our customers is at the heart of our endeavor.


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      Product Range

      We offer a wide range of Toyota parts to meet your needs.

      Have a look

      Genuine & Non-Genuine

      Take the utmost care of your Toyota with Genuine Toyota Parts.

      Why Genuine

      Product Range

      At our parts sales operations section we have the solution for the following products

      MOENCO parts

      Parts need replacement due to service life or damage. Replace these parts with Genuine Toyota parts; it gives exactly the same performance as the original ones.

      car battery

      The game changer Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries offer superior storage capacity, efficient rechargeability and long life.

      High quality and outstanding stability
      Maintenance free operation. No topping up required
      Can be stored/used in any position
      Explosion resistant
      Leak-proof/spill proof
      Operate over a broad range of ambient temperatures
      Long shelf life
      No corrosive gas generation
      Long service life
      World Class Technology, user-friendly, only pure virgin materials used, robust and durable against ultraviolet rays

      The best in class tires render best performance and all weather grip leading to safety.

      The right tires not only help contribute to your vehicle’s handling and performance, but can also impact fuel efficiency and safety as well. If your tires are showing signs of wear, you can get exact replacements for the original tires at a competitive price at all our sales outlets.


      Convenience to added styling, Toyota drivers have many reasons to accessorize their vehicles. Do you want to increase the look of your car? Or enhance your protection, safety, and comfort? We have accessories to meet your needs and desire.

      The range of our accessories:
      Canopy, Deck cover, Side Visor, Bed Liner, Bumper (guard), Floor Mat
      * Today, the choice of floor mats needs more care than ever before. Why? Because of safety. We care for all who drive Toyota. Do not compromise your safety! Use Toyota approved genuine floor mats.

      Why choose Genuine Parts?

      We want to make sure your Toyota performs at its best, that's why we only use Toyota Genuine parts. moenco parts are best suit for your Toyota car.

      We want to be part of your success by providing genuine parts to your vehicle.

      • Quality
      • Safety

      • Performance

      Moenco Ethioia, find your toyota car and toyota parts.
      The Staff

      There are more than 80 permanent staff working in the different sections of parts division

      Moenco Ethioia, find your toyota car and toyota parts.

      With a storage capacity of 2,753 m3, our warehouse is well organized and equipped with sufficient storage and handling materials.

      Parts Counter

      Our parts counter is designed in such a way that our customers can be served comfortably and conveniently.